• 'The Moses Hoffman Trilogy' - Moses Hoffman is a West Berliner whose curious ways of thinking set a strange course for the future.

    Vol1 - Lone Hunter, Vol2 - Animal Self, Vol3 The Swoop., 612pages, 2015.

  • on Amazon.com - CIAO CHARLIE by JOHN CLARK ISBN-10 1511509805 on Amazon.com

  • "Ciao Charlie" - the laziest man in the British Foreign Service is doing his best to do the very least - a novel from Trieste.

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  • WRITERS' BLOCK - scenes to see from a very black comedy

    Authoring is not the same as watching and reading, especially for Writers!

    Click on a square to see a scene!

    No1 might be a good place to start.

    The Assassin and the Surgeon are a typical Berlin couple, but instead of a pet dog, they have a Writer!

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    A new class of screenwriting software, BPC-Screenplay was developed in 2008 for use on Windows computers running XP, at a time when almost every operating system was being reconceived to reflect the switch to mobile.

    It has taken systems like Apple and Android a long time to catch up with the kind of configuration we have been looking for, however the time has come when they seem more or less usable for the purposes we envisage, though Android remains a rough and ready environment and we will not commit ourselves to having an Android version any time soon.

    We are currently redesigned the whole package to be integrated with production planning and documentation and to forward projects to non-linear editing software.

    This might take a year or so to work through, so please be patient. All our existing users will be offered the new package cost free, once it becomes available

    Watch this place, or rather get hold of our books, enjoy a good read and take another look sometime in the future.


    Content-TV was established in 2002 to explore the potential of video via the internet, as a collaboration between the Berlin Picture Company and the Humboldt University of Berlin and others.

    A report on the project on DVD can be ordered here: price Euros150,00 including 19% tax.